The process of the concept art for Domiance war

These drawings and paintings were the process of the concept art for Domiance War V. They gave us four character descriptions, and we had to fallow these text to do concept art for two of them. By the way, we have to post the procedure of making painting on one of the office forums, that's the reason why I have these unfinished paintings below.



Mixed creature-character design

Scorceress- character design

An character design for a children's book. The composition followed the format Matt gave us, it's totally different from the way we did in animation field.


Final "Jack and the beanstalk"

The final drawings and paintings for the story of Final "Jack and the beanstalk." That is intersting to work with photoshop and tablet. Did the storyboard first and chose one of them to do as complete work.


Design for "Jack and the Beanstalk"

The character design of the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk."
As you know, Jack is a young boy and I try to put English style on his clothes. That is a very inseresting assignment for the class of the Visual elements of story. Designing detailed characters and create several storyboard for those characters and the story. The pity is that we didn't have to do more latout design for this story.


"Alice in wonderland"

The cover and the painting of "Alice in wonderland."
Trying to do official digital paintings with Painter for my assignment in 2009~