Holy Potter coming again~

I did a very rough sketch and color study, and tried to use color block to show the composition before making a painting. Then, I did two versions with different background. One is with Troll, and another one is with nothing. There you are, Holy Potter.


The final painting of Snow Queen

Finally, I got some time to finish this painting which is one scene from my Snow queen story.


The Hell fight

Still in progress, but will be finished in these days. Upload the sketch in black and white first.
Eventually, I'm done the color study of the Hell fight. I still have to say, if I have time, I will keep doing the final painting of it. 


One of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations--- The Black Tortoise

The first draft of the black tortoise that is the concept art for my friend's final modeling making.
I'll keep doing this object if I have time. It's kind of busy recently.


Snow queen's Ice castle

Design for the traditional tale Snow Queen.


Holy Potter

I have nothing to say about this painting~These are the images in my mind about the characters in Harry Potter, and I really wont to see them star the film.


The process of the concept art for Domiance war

These drawings and paintings were the process of the concept art for Domiance War V. They gave us four character descriptions, and we had to fallow these text to do concept art for two of them. By the way, we have to post the procedure of making painting on one of the office forums, that's the reason why I have these unfinished paintings below.